Remixed Propaganda Posters


London has a new poster campaign asking citizens to report potential terrorist photogs, cell phone users, and house dwellers on an "anonymous anti-terror hotline" ("Terrorism: If you suspect it, report it.") The original posters say things like "Thousands of people take photos everyday. What if one of them seems odd?"[PDF] and "Thousands of people have mobiles. What if someone with several seems suspicious?"[PDF].

Naturally, parodies have sprung up.

Here's my favorite (and a favorite of Cory Doctorow), despite the slightly dumb use of that much-abused word, fascism, from Flickr user illegalphotos:

For more on the joys of living in the remix age, stay tuned for my upcoming review of Matt Mason's book on the subject, The Pirate's Dilemma, in the next issue.

In the meantime, tide yourself over with one of my favorite pieces remixed WWII propaganda. Also, this one, a close second in that genre.