I'm on a North-of-Mexican Radio


I'll be on The San Diego Union-Tribune's nifty little Internet radio station from 2:00-2:30 p.m. Padre time, talking with "Radio Active" op-edder Chris Reed there about part-time Coronado resident John Sidney McCain III. Bonus Cindy McCain quote about life overlooking the Pacific:

I love Coronado. Listen, to me there's nothing better than waking up and seeing the sun come up over the water on the bay there. And watching the Navy SEALs run up and down the beach.

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  1. When Eric Donderooo is in Tijuana, is he eating:

    a.) barbecued iguana
    b.) discount tranny hooker purchased with a coupon

  2. Hey! Are they building a Border Wall of Voodoo?

  3. John Sidney McCain III

    I cant believe you used his full name!

  4. Coranado is such a beautiful community. When I was stationed at Naval Air Station North Island I used to just walk through the neighborhoods marveling at the wealth. I was a poor junior enlisted back then.

  5. Hey! Are they building a Border Wall of Voodoo?

    No comprende, it’s a riddle

  6. Cindi seems to be getting a little moist (could be the ocean spray) about the Navy Seals. But what red blooded Barbi doll or pink blooded gay male wouldn’t wanna’ see those Navy Seals running up and down the beach!

  7. Stan Ridgeway is still performing, and he played in (well, next door to) my town in the last month. He’s on tour in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Wall of Voodoo’s first album.

    Keep an eye out to see if he is coming to YOUR town. Gotta love and support those 80s experimental rockers! (Just what does he say?)

  8. I, for one, am glad Matt Welch used John Sidney McCain’s full name, or I would have had no idea which John McCain he was talking about. 😉

  9. Sidney, eh? Just what connection is there between McCain and Sydney Biddle Barrows, aka the Mayflower Madam? Hmmmmm.

  10. Coronado vacationers can also enjoy Navy fighter pilots buzzing the island from time to time on their way back to Miramar, and it also features the cool old 20’s hotel from the movie “some like it hot”

    I went there when i was a kid. It WAS fun watching the seals paddling around the island.

  11. All right, out with it, spill the beans, open the envolope, etc. etc.
    Is Cindy a slut? She looks like it and sounds like one, so say it.

  12. I was stationed on Coronado (North Island), for a year on the USS Kittyhawk. Yes, many trips to TJ.

    But I now prefer Mexicali.

  13. But I now prefer Mexicali to troll the H&R blog because I’m a bona fide douche.

  14. That metal cover was interesting, but for my money, the original is still champion:


    This came out at a time in MTV’s life when the video was as important as the music; for a lot of clips from this era, if you are missing either portion, you have only half a song. Maybe McCain can recreate Ridgeway’s “head in a bowl of beans” shot for a campaign ad. But I think the more apt borrowing would be the iguana leaping out of the pinata. That seems a particularly apt way to characterize the typical result of our presidential elections. The people need to fire up the BBQ.

  15. The “cool hotel from the 20s” is The Hotel Del Coronado. Also, the US Navy no longer owns Miramar Air Station, the Marine Corps is in charge now. However, the Navy still has a large air station on North Island (Coronado) in addition to the many bases it has in the San Diego area.

  16. the Navy still has a large air station on North Island (Coronado)

    OK then. I was there in the 80s.

    Talk to me Gooseman.

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