Talking About the Rocket's Red Ass


That's what I'll be doing after 5 p.m. Baltimore time on the reason-friendly Ron Smith show, on WBAL AM 1090. Call up and boo me in person!

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  1. I’m listening right now and Mr Welch, you are getting owned. Sorry.

  2. The partisanship on display was unmissable. Chris Shays, Watermelon Dan, and that had from Carolina walked into that hearing room determined to be advocates for Roger Clemmons, and it was biggest political miscalculation since the Schiavo affair. They spent their time kissing Roger’s butt, but the SI poll is running against him by about 85-15.

    Event the wingnut, Bush-loving morning sports talk guys in Boston were fuming at the GOPers embarrassing performance. A meet and greet, a signed baseball – that’s all it takes to buy Congressmen?

    They bent over to serve the disgraced Republican witness, and they made themselves look like jock-sniffing hacks in the process.

  3. er, “hag from Carolina”

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