"Mr. Clemens, do you recall bleeding through your pants in 2001?"


Another high point in annals (anals?) of Congress. Later, there was heated discussion about a "palpable mass" on Roger Clemens' buttock. Though I don't remember a time when Congress wasn't a bunch of asses, I do seem to recall a prosecutorial concept that you go after the drug dealers, instead of using the drug dealers to go after a single user. 

ESPN's Jayson Stark live-blogged the cheeky buggers here. American Lawyer explains here how none of this would have happened had not some U.S. attorney types not "violate[d] a long-standing U.S. Department of Justice policy, that prosecutors not divulge the names of those suspected of but not charged with committing a crime." Links harvested from the always-excellent Baseball Primer.

And of course reason has been covering its own ass off on steroids at least since back when Chuck Brain-lauch still (dis)graced the diamond. Start here.