Howley on Red Eye/ Salt Finds God


Tonight's guest stars are Salt-N-Pepa, who were totally awesome when I was 9 and surely remain totally awesome today. They now have a reality show, which VH1 describes thusly:

Can Grammy Award winning rap duo Salt-N-Pepa work together again? Better yet, can they be in the same room together without killing each other? Watch as Cheryl "Salt" Wray and Sandy "Pepa" Denton try to resolve their long-simmering differences and reclaim their friendship. Can they reconcile their provocative stage personalities with Salt's newfound spirituality?

Yes, Please!

For those with the will to TiVo: Red Eye airs at 3am ET on the fairest, most balanced news channel.

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  1. Can they reconcile their provocative stage personalities with Salt’s newfound spirituality?

    I, for one, don’t give a rat’s ass.

  2. 3am? Will anyone who even cares watch? If it’s on that late, chances are it’s not even worth TiVoing.

  3. Kerry-

    Last week they had’s Michelle Carpenter on the show, appearing in what looked to be the same set where you usually sit when you’re on the show. Andy Levy asked Michelle what was in the urn-like object on the shelf behind her, asking her if those were in fact Kerry Howley’s grandmother’s ashes.

  4. If looks could kill, would Salt still be an Uzi or a shotgun, Bang?

    Tune in tonight to find out!

  5. But those are my father’s ashes! Lies.

  6. Where’s Spinderella?

  7. Damn you Dangerman! Now I have that dumb fucking song stuck in my head…

  8. Do hijinks ensue?

    That’s the deal-breaker for me. There’d better be hijinks, and they’d better ensue.

  9. Keywords: Saot, God

    “Now look at the stars… They say the stars are just billions of tons of hot gas… but I think they’re just God’s salt.. and God’s just waiting to eat us.”

  10. So when did Salt find God? Is he know doing religous music or something?

  11. SALT!

    Damn these fat fingers! I knew I should have ordered that special dialing wand.

  12. Washed up celebrities often find God.

    Maybe if they could translate that skill to truffles, there’d be some use for them in the world.

  13. Tonight’s guest stars are Salt-N-Pepa, who were totally awesome when I was 9, and surely remain totally awesome today.

    Kerry, you just lost the last ounce (no pun intended) of respect I’d had for you as a profound cultural critic who shows up on TV every now and then. How can you like a band with such a flavorless (again no pun) name? I want Saffron-N-Pimento, Dijon-N-Paprika, Roquefort-N-Oregano… well, anything but Salt-N-Peta!

  14. Well, Kerry, make sure you push it, push it real good.

  15. Aw, baby, baby!

  16. VH1 used to play videos. Thank god for U Tube.


    Also, let’s talk about sex, baby

    And jesus

  18. Also, I think the poor guy above who thinks Salt is a guy is mixing them up with Kid & Play

    sheesh. White people.

  19. Wow, washed-up celebrities from Salt-N-Pepa (they were around when I was 11, I guess that makes me old) and spirituality. They certainly have their priorities straight over at Fox.

  20. He dresses like a dapper don, but even in jeans
    He’s a god-sent original, the man of my dreams

  21. GILMORE,

    I’m sorry.

  22. I think En Vogue gets more credit for that tune than salt & pepa.

    I give highest credit for Push It being used in Diplo’s remix of MIAs ‘sunshowers’. Work of genius that.

  23. chances are it’s not even worth TiVoing.

    It’s not. It’s not ever worth YouTubing.

  24. On Friday night, I asked some friends “What ever happened to Salt n Pepa?” Im not sure why, because I didnt care when they were popular.

  25. When they were popular, I cared way more about Megadeth. Even at 11, I was white trash, I guess.

    Also, seeing Kerry on TV makes me want to invest in some wine coolers and ryphnol. Or at least some rags and ether.

  26. Kerry can you do some “shout-outs”

    or maybe “mad props”?

    For reals.

  27. I actually watch this show. I am usually either still up and just starting to wind-down or I am just waking up and starting my day. I work at home and prefer either a very late or very early working schedule. I usually have on 3-4 TVs in the background and this is the only thing on. Of course I stop and watch when Howley is on.

  28. At least Kerry Howley can announce an appearance without pretending to like Greg Gutfeld, unlike Matt Welch the other day.

  29. Yeah, if somebody doesn’t openly insult somebody you don’t like, they’re just pretending!

  30. >Where’s Spinderella?

    That’s what I want to know. If Salt ‘n’ Pepa had tensions already between them, I don’t think havin’ Spin come from behind the turntable for Very Necessary helped the situation much. Especially since she was so great on that record.

    Now somebody’s gettin’ on my nerves, and I’m wrecked to get crazy
    It never fails to amaze me
    How people never miss a possip and just believe the gossip
    Instead of finding out the truth of what’s up
    It’s got my nostrils flairin’
    I’d be a fool if I believe half of the dumb shit I be hearing
    Cuz ev’rytime I meet a guy that’s got it goin’ on
    One of my jealous girlfriends gotta find something that’s wrong
    If he’s not drivin’ a Benz or Beemer then he’s bummy
    Or he’s sellin’ buddah if he’s got plenty of money
    Now ask me why, I don’t know why or well or what the hell
    So breakin’ up the code because I’m someone’s ???
    I’ve got enough problems of my own
    To sit up on the phone talkin’ about on who
    he’s gettin’ bone

    Hey, yo, show ’em what ya got
    Cuz shit is gettin’ hot
    Show-show ’em what ya got
    Cuz shit is gettin’ hot

  31. A weak episode tonight. Except for the hot Republican chick, the panel was lame. All Kerry contributed was a few pithy, insubstantial snarks.

  32. All Kerry contributed was a few pithy, insubstantial snarks.

    Yeah! That’s our job, dammit!

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