Quick! Tune Into Baltimore's WBAL, 1090 AM!


I'm on there right now, talking to Ron Smith about John McCain.

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  1. 1090 AM? It’s already past noon here,

  2. While typing?

  3. You know, commercial breaks, etc.

  4. I’m glad you’re on the radio so I can’t see another goofy picture of you today… 😛

    Gosh, you really don’t like McCain, do you? (I’m from Arizona, and I’m with you!) I wish I could tune in.

  5. welch! don’t forget to put in your newsletter ron paul potshots while you are at it!

    Make your master the kochtopus proud!

  6. I though a kochtopus was that thing that always shows up in hentai tentacle porn.

  7. I wish I could tune in.

    I can’t personally vouch for the stream (and it may already be too late), but go to http://www.wbal.com and look for the “Listen Live” image in the upper left.

  8. Master Kochtopus would be a great name for a band.

  9. Kommandante Kochtopus
    Der Kommissar Kochtopus
    They’re real and they’re Kochtopus

    Okay, maybe the last one not so much.

  10. I think i just threadjacked this badboy!

  11. Dan,

    Doesn’t take much. We’re all pretty ADD here. Besides this is a throw-away thread so don’t go getting “I’m-cock-of-the-fucking-walk” on us now.

  12. Limbaugh and Coulter want a democrat in office so they can continue to blame everything on the dems. They don’t want to blame a republican for things they consider un-republican. It doesn’t fit their act. Both of there jobs rely on blaming the other party for everything gone wrong. That’s why they won’t support McCain.

  13. “Quick! Tune Into Baltimore’s WBAL, 1090 AM!”


  14. Thanks, EJM, but listening to the radio online is against my company’s internet policy.

  15. And I don’t get why anybody gives a crap what Ann Coulter thinks. It seems to me like she pays people to hear her speak, which is certainly her right, but I don’t know why people listen. I heard her talk for 5 minutes (on Bill O’Reilly, no less) and I couldn’t believe the garbage that she spews. That chick is CRAZY.

    How about we all play a nice round of “Name That Psychosis!” instead.

  16. Ann Coulter…How about we all play a nice round of “Name That Psychosis!” instead.

    Easy! Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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