Live Coverage of Super Tuesday from Reason's DC Offices Starts at 7.30pm ET!


For all the latest news and commentary–including a live stream of coverage from Reason's DC HQ starting at 7.30PM ET–go here now.

We've got four panel discussions up with journos and analysts from The Economist, the Atlantic, Reason, American Spectator, DCist, and more.

Coming live at 7.30PM ET, Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie talk with Ben Wattenberg as reason's Stupor Tuesday coverage kicks into high gear…

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  1. Will this be another of those Bacchanalian things I keep hearing about?

  2. David Weigel: The most uncomfortable stage presence on television.

    (I dig his posts/columns, though.)

  3. Weigel didn’t look uncomfortable to me, Smappy. His incessant toe-tapping seemed like merely a bad habit. The Canadian to his left, though, wouldn’t even look at the camera.

  4. They should be holding beers or something.

  5. Might I inquire as to what dumpster the chairs that were fashionable 25 years ago were pulled from? I cannot tell if Gillespe looks incredibly comfortable and ready to fall asleep in those pictures, or if he looks incredibly uncomfortable since he’s forced to slouch.

  6. Roger, Nick “The Fonz” Gillespe is always comfortable.

    Heeeyyyy . . .

  7. Link’s not working for me.

  8. Me neither. Tried Firefox, IE, Quicktime, WMP, and VLC.

  9. Other sites manage to put live streams together, but somehow Reason can’t do it, and I tried FF and IE. It’s normal to provide some code prompting people to download helpers, BTW.

    And, if Reason can put on a production like this for what’s essentially meaningless horserace, why are they unwilling to put together real debates? Are they afraid of their positions not standing up to even the lightest scrutiny?

  10. Hey Radley,

    thanks for dressing up. don’t keep a jacket at the office?

  11. Optimized-by-rubicon-project? NOT! Whatever this service is that you’ve contracted to manage this site, I’m afraid your pages are taking forever to reload. Ditch the Ads by Google frame/banner.

    ReasonTV. Ditto, link isn’t working at all in any browsers, nor cut-and-paste URL in Quicktime.

    Sorry, I’m afraid it’s Stupid Tuesday.

  12. on a shallow note…i find all the women in these videos attractive. i’m attracted to nice looking, interesting women i’m not smart enough to approach. it’s my cross to bear. :/

  13. Brian posted this on the other thread. It works:

    Brian Courts | February 5, 2008, 7:56pm | #
    Just so maybe someone at Reason reads this:

    You’re drawing ads or some sort of site content from the server:

    and it takes forever – like 3-4 minutes – for that server to respond.

    I was having the same problem – taking forever to load – so I added .rubiconproject. to my ad-filters on Adblock and now it’s flying with no problems.

    I don’t know why my filter list didn’t have it but if you’re running firefox with Adblock, try adding that filter.

  14. ReasonTV is still fucked, however.

  15. Thanks for the tip about filtering rubiconproject, MJN! Works like a charm.

  16. Brian posted this on the other thread. It works:

    Yeah, another comment over there from Luke Johnson confirmed that adding the rubiconproject filter fixed the problem for him too. But it’s awfully quiet so it seems that for most people without adblock the trouble remains. Oh well, off to get some food and maybe it’ll be fixed when I get back.

  17. The rest of the site actually now seems faster than usual, probably because everyone else is deterred by the rubiconproject nonsense.

  18. You need QuickTime for this live video stream.

    Open QuickTime and paste this URL into the appropriate slot from the File menu:


  19. I already tried using QT and their URL –doesn’t work, “No connection”.

  20. I see you guys. Very cool.

  21. Too bad when I try to follow that link it 404’s.


  22. Added the filter, still no live feed. To be clear, I can see the pre-recorded videos on Reason TV. And I tried the URL paste in QT, WMP, and VLC, all of which should be able to handle that type of stream.

  23. Could someone over at the Reason Foundation spring for some clip mic’s? And maybe we could mix in a table or something.

  24. Never did get that damn rtsp link to work in either I.E nor firefox nor directly into the quicktime player.

  25. Is the Wattenberg stuff archived anywhere?

  26. Biggest surprise for me =

    It’s pronounced *why-gul*???

    Weigel = ‘why-gul’?

    You’ll still always be weegs to me

  27. Jamie Kirchick and his fat buck-toothed dweeb laugh and flaccid fauxhawk make me want to just feed him quaaludes and date rape him. Sweet little buttery kiddo.

  28. one little dweeb who made the entire reason staff get down off the ron paul cheerwagon.

  29. Way to stand up for the newsletter case. I’m only halfway serious.

    “In an interview a couple of weeks ago he said ‘black people’ TWICE!”

    Uh… If that’s the closest proof of him actually being a racist, again, I say, they have nothing. Having to say “African American” all the time is just a waste. Call me “Whitey” or “Cracker” all you want, “black guy”, “black dude”, or “black people” aren’t meant to be offensive.

    Ron Paul neglecting those newsletters was definitely stupid, but I could imagine the same thing happening to me if I was as busy as he was/is.

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