Good Morning Stupor Tuesday! DC Area Reasonoids, Watch the Results at Reason's DC HQ, 7PM—?


Good morning on this Stupor Tuesday, when the odds are high that we'll find out  just who and what will be representing the Democrats and Republicans in the presidential sweepstakes later this year. Watch this blog and for constant taped and live video updates on the twists and turns of the day's events. And look for running commentary from reason's far-flung staff of journalists and analysts.

And if you're in DC, stop by our HQ to bet on the winners and eat and drink to the losers (or vice versa). Details below:

Come out on Tuesday, February 5, and join the staff of reason as celebrate what we like to think of as "Stupor Tuesday," the concentrated gaggle of laughter-and-tear-inducing presidential primaries that is consuming more oxygen than all the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. 

The doors to our offices at 1747 Connecticut Avenue NW (just a few blocks north of Dupont Circle) open wide at 7PM and we'll have light snacks and hard and soft drinks on hand to dull the pain as the inevitably disappointing results (because someone will win) are broadcast  in appallingly clear detail on our massive and multiple flat-screen TV displays.

For added fun, reason staffers and other journalists will be broadcasting live on and blogging live at reason online. And we'll be hosting a probably legal but surely fun betting pool on the day's outcomes.

We'll also be celebrating the publication of our March issue, which features a cover story on the coming nanotechnology boom, a riveting interview with the Institute for Justice's Chip Mellor, a look at how Americans learned to love drug testing, and much, much more.

Hope to see you on Stupor Tuesday!

What: Stupor Tuesday Party featuring live coverage of the presidential primaries, a betting pool, and snacks and beverages.

Where: Reason HQ, 1747 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

When: 7p.m., Tuesday, February 5

RSVP: or 310.391.2245

Image courtesy of Noel St. John. Check out his work here.