Live for Nothing, Die for Access to Banned Pirated DVDs


The Tatmadaw and 65 percent of critics agree: Rambo sucks. According to some reports of extremely dubious origin, Than Shwe's men have banned the film. Since the only copies available will be pirated, that makes them extra illegal.

"People are going crazy with the quote 'Live for nothing, die for something'," one resident said, referring to the tagline of the fourth Rambo installment, which opened in the United States this week.

Even though it received lukewarm reviews, it is likely to be a sure-fire hit with opponents of the junta, with some even hoping it could spur a change of regime in the impoverished southeast Asian nation.

As with previous Rambo films, it is short on plot and long on blood and guts—although viewers appear to think it is all relative.

"Rambo acted very cruelly, but his cruelty is nothing compared to that of the military junta," a Myanmar student in Thailand, who did not wish to be named, told Reuters.

Defy the junta and enjoy some reason on Rambo.

Hat Tip: Bill Piper.