Breakfast in Democracy-Ville


Attention early risers: I'll be on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program tomorrow just after 8 A.M. eastern time, talking (if that's what you call throat-noises at that hour) about John McCain. UPDATE: It's saved and listenable here.

Then at 11:10 A.M., I'll be on the Michael Graham Show in Boston, 96.9 FM. Same topic.

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  1. First! Give that crazy hard-left lunatic what’s for!

  2. Yesterday on NRO’s Corner, Graham promised to suck up his pride and vote for the hated McCain if his unstoppable Patriots lost. Ask him if he’s going to follow through with that promise and why he bothers to vote at all if he takes it more trivially than a sporting event.

  3. Seems I should have check his sight, he’s already answered the first one:

    “If I sound a bit upset, it’s not because of football. Following the 18-1 season of the Patriots has been a blast, and watching a competitive Super Bowl is always fun. Sure, the ending was lousy, but it was also a reminder of what makes sports fun.

    No, the reason I’m on suicide watch is because, thanks to Coach Beli-Choke letting the wheels fall off the best team in football, I now have to cast a vote for a pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut, global-warming-kookery supporting, anti-Alito, ideologically-irrational, reckless and arrogant jerk who has openly stated he supports gutting the First Amendment to the US Constitution.”

    Ask him the second one, it’ll still be fun to bring up the subject.

  4. Thanks mucho for the intel, chthus!

  5. Glad to help. Wasn’t able to listen at work. Give an update of the response if you can.

  6. Hmmm, Amy Goodman– ‘the voice of the disenfranchised left’. Who, by the way are the disenfranchised left?

    I do remember her giving an interview to some of the ELF folks that started those fires– she announced them as “social justice activists”. Fascinating.

  7. Who, by the way are the disenfranchised left?

    You may have heard of them as the Loony Left.

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