Nanny State

First, They Came for the Fat-Fuck Gamers in New Mexico…


…and because I was a fat fuck non-gamer, I did nothing.

Kerry Howley mentioned this awhile ago, but New Mexico–a.k.a. The Land of Enchantment–is mulling like a zaftig patron the whole left side of a menu at a Wendy's a proposal for a "1 percent tax on TVs, video games, and video game equipment. The fund would help pay for outdoor education throughout the state."

The name of the program: The No Child Left Inside Fund, which really makes it sound like Pol Pot is advising New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who could, you know, afford to step away from the buffet line every other meal.

An AP story today, however, makes it clear that eventually this law, or something like it, will pass. Here's the anti-argument, which makes total sense and will be totally unconvincing once the Coach Kleatses of the world start snapping legislative jockstraps to force Piggy to literally take a hike.

[Dave] Gilligan, [the 24-year-old co-owner of the store Gamers Anonymous], says he learned to read at a young age thanks to video games. He also attributes his interest in art to gaming.

It's a sound argument–and let's not even get into that whole life, liberty, and the pursuit of Halo 3 baddies–and one that will, alas, certainly lose in the long run.

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