30 Years Ago in Reason

February 1978


"Within the first few months of the Carter administration, I sold every stock I owned, and I wouldn't buy a stock right now with your money."
'"William E. Simon, "A Reason Interview"

"?'Without some kind of Affirmative Action program, we might as well go back to before the Brown decision of 1954 or even back to slavery,' says Edward N. Everett, Washington, D.C., regional director of the Black American Law Students Association."
'"Bill Birmingham, "Brickbats"

"Just the other day I was listening to a bluejean-clad woman of 30 years or so, proclaiming the merits and potential merits of a national health insurance plan, discoursing on how evil doctors are in general and how much more wonderful they would be if only they did not insist on getting paid."
'"Stephen G. Barone, "Selling Protections"

"Of course, I was aware that anything I said might be reported to Moscow. But as I knew no military secrets, there were none that I could divulge."
'"Felix Morley, "When in the Course of Human Events"