Smurf Nazis Must Die!


OK, maybe that should be Smurf Nazi sympathizers since the story is set in Croatia, home to the infamous Ustachi (the things we do for strained headlines…)

File this one

 under freedom, horrible, horrible freedom:

Though they had managed to gather 395 Smurf-a-likes in one place, this Croatian attempt to smash the record turned out to be a waste of time.

Shoddy research meant they believed they only had to get 291 'Smurfs' in one place to clinch the prized record.

However they managed to overlook one vitally important fact.

A new record had actually been set by students at Warwick University last year where they had managed to round up a grand total of 451 Smurfs.

More, including headlines about being blue-faced, here.

The UN bombs Smurf village (finally, a mission we can all get behind):