Hel-lo, Tri-Counties Area!


Starting at 4 p.m. West Coast time, I'll be simulcasting about John McCain on KUHL-AM 1410 in beautiful Lompoc, California, and KINF-AM 1440 in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. My interrogator will be Andy Caldwell, founder of COLAB—Santa Barbara County's Coalition of Labor, Agriculture & Business—who was quoted in a stone-cold Brian Doherty story a-way back in 1998. You might be able to hear a stream here.

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  1. The KUHL studios used to be in Santa Maria, when I was entering my teens and going to El Camino Jr. High and Santa Maria High. I was an aspiring DJ at the time, and the on-air guy gave me a thrill by letting me sit in and work the control board for a few minutes; from that point forward, I had the “microphone jones.” Good times.

    Have fun, and keep in mind, the locals pronounce the city’s name as “LAHHM-poke,” rhyming with “aplomb, bloke” (which I hope you demonstrate in great quantity :-).

  2. Does the term “Tri-Counties area” uniquely identify San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura? I always thought there were a lot of “tri-county areas” around, especially after seeing Toy Story.

  3. Larry — Actually, it might be “Tri-county” area … it’s been so long since I’ve lived there, I’m no longer sure. But yeah, those are the counties.

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