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David Weigel, reason's resident Rudy Giuliani eulogist, will be talking about America's Mayor on Baltimore's WBAL 1090 Radio a bit after 3:05.

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  1. The Weigs on Ron Smith? Well done sir!

    For those of you not familiar with Ron, he’s well worth a listen. Not a libertarian, but darn close and a clever fellow to boot.

  2. I have chosen this thread to announce that my last ties with the Fox News/Sean Hannity wing of the Republican party are officially severed, as Sean Hannity has just all but endorsed John McCain for president. I swear, if McCain or Huckabee is nominated, I WILL NOT vote in the general election. Jury’s still out on Romney, no one else could win the Repub nomination, and I oppose all the Democrats. If John here reads this, just remember the Republican party is on the verge of permanently losing at least one supporter, and possibly many others.

  3. An REM reference? Cool.

  4. uh, I just was listening to hannity in the car, and it was all romney with a stream of callers bashing mccain

  5. Yeah, and today Hannity was defending him.

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