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Just give the bear what it wants


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  1. Ron Paul had a real shot at driving this idea home last night, but he blew it by repeating his talking points and roughly segueing into foreign policy.

    Now that the kool-aid has warn off, I think I can see why people see him as a kook. He’s got some great ideas, but he sucks ass at getting them across concisely in these debates. Gary Johnson, where you at, mang?

  2. What bunch pricks

  3. If blowing it means not acting, talking, and dancing to the George Bush two step, then yes I guess you could say he blew it. There are four that are quite clearly GW clones. If that is what the republican party wants then they will lose and lose big come November.

  4. I’m not saying he should start getting all folksy or whatever, just that RP should mention specific policies he wants to implement rather than vague “inflation is teh bad” statements.

    It was one thing when there were nine candidates and time was limited, but they have no choice but to give him more time now, and more nuanced answers would go a long way toward combating his perceived weaknesses.

    But let’s save it for an RP post, I apologize for bringing it up [/threadjack]

  5. Reason = extreme gay-bobs

  6. I think the problem is that Ron Paul isgetting the same debate times, as when there were 9 candidates. he received a little over 6 minutes, compared to Romney’s 20 minutes (and Huckabee’s 12 min). The media bias is outrageous, they seem to alot time to speak based on poll numbers – so the polls become almost self fulfilling. The only way small government libertarian principles can get a hearing from the media is if they have a candidate with name recognition ? ? The old media is broken.

  7. Yes, kooky people often have children that are doctors and engineers.

    You’re such morons. I shall enjoy watching this site die.

    hahaha in advance

  8. Sorry for the threadjack, but the Bok strip would have been funnier without the explanatory labels. You may now go back to discussing RP.

  9. Best Friday Funny Ev-Er

  10. jimmy – we should be grateful that Bok was funny at all


    Yes, kooky people often have children that are doctors and engineers.

    WTF does that mean? What are you talking about?

  11. This cartoon is totally wrong, dude. That bear should be wearing a funny little hat with a pompom on top, and riding an itsy bitsy bicycle; maybe playing a violin, too. Washington has everything completely under control.

    Repeat after me: “There is no reason to panic….Everything is going according to plan…..”

  12. Just give the bear what it wants

    From the headline, I thought it was going to be about Russia…

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