More Than 17 Minutemen Agree


I usually delete most of my daily barrage of e-mails from the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (unless they make mention of my absolute favorite restrictionist-rocker, Luca Zanna), but the one that came last night struck me as having potential interest:


Ron Paul asked to meet with a few of us local leaders while he was in Las Vegas yesterday so we drove out and met him at a restaurant where he was receiving the endorsement of March for America, a nationwide anti-illegal immigration group based in Seattle.  He gave a great 40 minute speech and Q&A about how we are going to save our nation and end illegal immigration.  Very inspiring.  The man is brilliant and only cares about the country and the people!

Article in today's Las Vegas paper: [Link]

After the press conference we had a private meeting with him for about 25 minutes to discuss our concerns about illegal immigration.  Here's a summary of our meeting:

Ron Paul is 100% with the American people on ENDING illegal immigration, period. He knows our country is in deep trouble until we secure our borders and end the programs that draw illegals here in the first place.

You can check out his entire immigration platform and plan at .  Its as solid as you will find anywhere.

Specifically, he is committed to attacking every aspect of illegal immigration so we can end it once and for all.  He believes our economy is crumbling under the weight of 20 million plus mostly poor illegals.

– He will especially focus on finishing the 854 mile Hunter fence approved by Congress and securing the rest of the border with a logical combination of fencing, technology, and thousands more border agents to guard our borders and ports.

– Ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens one of two ways:  by clarifying the 14th amendment to make it clear that illegals are not covered by it or by new legislation to change it. NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES!!!! […]

– Ending all social services for illegal aliens.  No more welfare, food stamps, etc.   Take away the financial incentives that make it so enticing for poor illegals to come and stay here.

– NO AMNESTY OF ANY KIND.  They need to gradually all go home and apply to come back legally if they want.  Take away all the incentives and they will self- deport!

– I asked him for clarification on employer enforcement since he came across a little weak on that in a couple interviews.  He is absolutely 100% for enforcement of our current laws against employers hiring illegals and would increase enforcement.  He just wants to make sure the system employers use is solid and will help them determine their employees legal status.

I was sold by his plan, his committment to our nation and constitution, and his passion, and we left believing this man is the only candidate truly running for the PEOPLE.  He is head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates (in our opinions). He has my vote, support, and personal endorsement.

On a side note, we asked him which candidate is most like himself and he said, hands down, Duncan Hunter. […]

Over 17 Minutemen and anti-illegal immigration groups have recently endorsed Ron Paul for President!   See attached list.  Compare that to the other candidates and its a complete landslide.  Paul has overwhelming support from the Patriot community. 

I had speculated before that Paul might be the restrictionists' last best hope; maybe there's at least mild traction this year in close-the-border presidential politics after all. As an interesting side note, Paul was very pro-immigration in the mid-1980s.