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Kerry Howley and Will Wilkinson discuss Singapore, guest workers, and the secret North American Union over at Bloggingheads TV.

NEXT: Guest Workers, Singapore, and More

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  1. Free Will: Life Partners Discuss Guest Workers


  2. Next Week: Will Wilkinson and his mom discuss why doesn’t he ever call?

  3. Life partners?

    Is this true Kerry? *sigh*

  4. facebook says it’s true, so it’s true.

  5. Don’t worry boys, when Kerry tires of Will you can have him on the rebound.

  6. Congratulations Kerry on stepping up from “Red Eye”. Here’s hoping you’ll never have to whore yourself on early morning cable again.

    BTW. Outstanding guest worker article. In all the argle-bargle over immigration the past couple of years, that article was the only thing I read that was worth reading.

  7. Did they cover the “European Union” conspiracy theories too? I want to know who’s pushing this crazy “Euro-Super Chunnel” idea when everyone knows the European Common Market is just a harmless bureaucratic organization.

  8. Awwwww! Ain’t they just the cutest thing? Two moonbats of a feather!

  9. You Internet suitors have no one to blame but yourselves! Too busy swashbuckling with that liberal polemicist Joe, all that senseless yak about drugs and guns…what’s a good girl like that to do!

  10. On a more serious note: the sight of such fulfilling intellectual relationship in action makes me want to strum a few chords and watch the sun come up.

  11. It figures. The women I like usually already have a boyfriend or husband. Oh, well.

  12. Unlike the libertarian power couple in the video, I don’t watch America’s Next Top Model. But when I remember that Tyra Banks has claimed to have a phobia of dolphins, of all things, I’m not inclined to take her work on that show very seriously.

    The only thing I admire about Banks is her (relative) shapeliness in comparison to most of the other Victoria’s Secret models. It’s refreshing to see her stride up and down the catwalk with her womanly curves after seeing so many prominent ribcages on so many bony girls.

  13. facebook says it’s true, so it’s true.

    Facebook also says:

    Kerry Howley
    Interested In:

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