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Update on January 2: Due to an editing error, some video picks were not included in the original posting of the article. Submitted for your viewing pleasure are three new selections:

Radley Balko
reason senior editor

I'm nominate the lot of police brutality and taser videos.  The most popular this year were probably the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" video from a John Kerry event in Florida (see below) and a Missouri teenager's recording of an abusive police officer who had pulled him over.  The genre as a whole is the result of the mass democratization of technology, and represents an important shift toward transparency and accountability in law enforcement. More than a few abusive police officers have lost their jobs after a video went viral, which likely wouldn't have happened were we still in the pre-Internet age. Mass watching of the watchers is a good thing, and we ought to be encouraging more of it, both to weed out bad cops, and to protect the good ones from frivolous claims of abuse.

Ronald Bailey
reason science correspondent

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' weekly television talk show, Alo Presidente, infamously runs on for hours. In September, 2007 viewers were treated to more than eight hours of presidential bloviation. Chavez' hero, the notoriously long-winded Fidel Castro, has never even gotten close to that record.

In November at the Ibero-American Summit, Spain's King Juan Carlos told Chavez, "Why don't you just shut up!" Juan Carlos' words have been turned into a popular ring tone. I nominate it as the "best" video of 2007 because it was way past time that someone told Chavez to just zip it.

Nick Gillespie
reason editor-in-chief

I continue to laugh every time I watch the meeting of minds between singer-songwriter John Mayer and Justin Long (the Apple Computer guy) outside an L.A. nightclub. Mayer–drunk on booze or maybe just strict construction of the Constitution?–goes on a pro-Ron Paul rant that is magical not just for its intensity and heartfeltness but for its very existence in the first place. Years ago in reason, we excerpted Tyler Cowen's What Price Fame?, a study in how contemporary celebrities are impotent puppets we pay astronomical amounts to entertain us (Cowen's piece is not, alas, online). This is true, even when we agree with them. It's a great world where this sort of footage is widely available.

And view the whole list again right here.

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  1. Justin Long’s response:

    “OK, like you’re all ‘tarded and you, like, talk like a fag…”

  2. I loathe that Apple guy. I’m glad to see he’s a fucking midget.

  3. I wish I could watch videos at work.

  4. I loathe that Apple guy. I’m glad to see he’s a fucking midget.

    Yeah, me too. I figure there’s no way someone can fake being that smug. And if he’s that short, how short is the “PC” guy in the commercials?

    “Jim, I feel here, that Scott may be too tall in the area of height with reference to Vanilla who is too near the ground in the area of being too short at this time.”

  5. I’m not sure what to make out of that video….

    …does this mean I have to give up my MacBook & iPod now?

  6. I didn’t stop supporting Dr Paul when Don Black and other neo-Nazis voiced support for him.

    But John Mayer?! I might have to reconsider things.

  7. You notice how those two “big time celebs” walk out of a nightclub in L.A. talking about ron paul and go home…with a buncha dudes? Sad.

  8. I’m disappointed in Mayer. He didn’t cold-cock Long right in the mouth like he so roundly deserves for those insufferably smug commercials. (Yeah, I know the “PC guy” is behind the commercials.)

  9. Learning that Justin Long is such a douchebag just improves all those scenes in Dodgeball where he gets hit repeatedly.

  10. The most popular this year were probably the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” video from a John Kerry event in Florida (see below) and a Missouri teenager’s recording of an abusive police officer who had pulled him over.

    Who was that Missouri teenager? Is he the same one who drives around with a camera constantly uploading via wireless to a server? The one who keeps getting pulled over by cops who continue to be caught on camera claiming that videotaping a cop is illegal, threatening to make shit up about him to get him locked up, threatening to beat his ass, etc. There was a story on here a while back about how he pulled over in a parking lot to rest, was upset about some private matter, and was hassled by a cop when he didn’t get specific about what he was doing there. (cop was like ‘im just asking for your protection cause the store attached to this lot is closed sometimes people come here to steal cars etc.’)

  11. You can’t have a video of the year contest without Dramatic Squirrel or the one with someone’s granny trying not to barf as her idiot grandson decides it would be funny for her to watch the 2 Girls, 1 Cup thingy.

    BTW, Justin Long maybe a little douchey, but he banging Drew Barrymore. Are you?

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