35 Years Ago in Reason

January 1973


“According to columnist Jack Anderson, the FBI obtains ‘informal’ accessâ€"without the benefit of subpoenaâ€"to bank accounts of political dissidents. Anderson last summer gave the Senate Banking Committee FBI memos on the bank accounts of Jane Fonda, Benjamin Spock, and Floyd McKissick, to prove his point.”
â€"“Hollow Victory on Banking Secrecy”

“Intellectuals in the humanities have long attacked science for its alleged tendency to make people less ‘human’ and have created the stereotype of the robotlike scientist who feels neither pleasure nor pain.”
â€"Ronald E. Merrill, “The New Anti-Science Movement”

“What was once popular fiction, often derided as ‘pulp trash’ devoid of intellectual content, is now being promoted as ‘serious literature’â€"subject to the condition it conform to current preconceptions of ‘literary’ values.”
â€"John J. Pierce, “Science Fiction in Perspective”