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Over at the American Spectator, David Weigel analyzes Barack Obama's quest to convince black voters he's electable.

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  1. “Barack Obama’s quest to convince black voters . . .” To drink more Ovaltine? Keep the shower curtain inside the tub? Praise Jesus?

  2. Good piece there Dave.

  3. Perhaps Obama should start with this guy:
    (it’s linked to my name)

  4. Wow, tough reporting there. GaryWebb would be proud of Weigel’s tenacious search for the truth. It’s not like something that pretty much every other horserace “reporter” could do.

    Say, I’ll give someone $10 via PayPal if they go to Obama’s appearances and ask him at least three questions (1st + followups) based on this or this.

    $10 baby, $10.

  5. Barack Obama can not possibly win because Clinton Owns controlling shares in the Democrat party. She will be the nominee. No force on earth can stop that.

  6. The 4% figure is gratifying, but it doesn’t get at the issue of how race plays out in today’s politics. It’s not about an ideology of white supremacy, but about subconscious biases that can make certain charges more likely to stick.

    “I’d love to vote for a black candidate, but not one of those corrupt, urban machine politicians, with the Cadillac, who only got where he was because of affirmative action. I hear he used to be involved in some of that Black (Em)Power(ment) politics. And that he’s soft on criminals and thugs and gang members. Didn’t he used to do crack?”

    Uh, Worin, if the Clintons control the Democratic Party, why did their candidate for the DNC chairmanship lose to Howard Dean? (P.S., deliberately mis-pronouncing someone’s name is rude. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?)

  7. I’m starting to suspect that the voting patterns of African Americans are not a top-tier subject for libertarians.

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