Next Year in Norwood


Miriam Leberstein reads the New York Times wedding section so you don't have to:

"Did you see it? Did you? Go home and look!" she sputtered. "It starts out totally normal and boring, with the Chinese-looking bride graduating from some American university with a technology degree, and the wedding to the American at some trendy resort with a Baptist minister. But look further and it turns out the bride's father was a head of the People's Liberation Army of China. Mao must be turning in his grave!

"I looked at the announcement," Miriam continued, "and said, 'This is it. The child of a commander of the Chinese People's Liberation Army makes it into Weddings in the New York Times. What else is there to say about The New World Order?'"

That piece of the Zeitgeist comes from the latest post on Debbie Nathan's blog, which also includes this choice cut of forgotten history:

Mordkhe spent many years in the 1940s and 1950s as a "Territorialist." He and his group did not think it ethically correct or politically wise to create a Jewish state in Palestine. They explored other places, including Australia, Liberia, New Jersey, and the Norwood section of the Bronx.