Attn, L.A. Reasonoids: Good-bye to Matt Welch/L.A. Press Club Holiday Party, Thursday, Dec. 13, 7:00 PM


Come all ye California readers to ring in the holidays with reason and the L.A. Press Club, and say a West Coast buh-bye to the east-bound Matt Welch and his lovely wife, journalist Emmanuelle Richard.

Besides Festivus, we'll be celebrating the publication of reason's January 2008 issue, and listening to Welch talk a bit about his increasingly (distressingly?) relevant new book, McCain: The Myth of a Maverick. Admission, parking, snacks, and drinks—including some tasty wine—are all free.

The fun starts at 7:00 p.m., and the programming begins at 7:45.

RSVPs are a must, and can be made to Mary Toledo at 310-391-2245 or

The L.A. Press Club is located at the fabulous Steve Allen Theater, on 4773 Hollywood Blvd., L.A., 90027. Block or two west of Vermont; parking in the back.

For more info, click here.

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  1. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the ritual airing of grievances.

  2. It kinda sucks the book is coming out just as McCain is becoming irrelevant.

  3. Cesar — Au contraire! McCain right now has his first plausible relevance scenario in 10 months. Goes like this:

    1) The Huckabee Surprise kneecaps the Romney candidacy (based as it is on Christian Conservatives and Early States) right out of the gate. After New Hampshire, the Mittster is finito.

    2) Thompson completes his belly flop, and exits after South Carolina.

    3) Guiliani fails to win any of the first three or four primaries.

    4) Establishment re-rallies around John McCain!

    It’s far-fetched (especially considering McNasty’s fundraising woes), but a helluva lot more plausible than when the book first came out. Thanks for thinking of my sales, though!

  4. I tried to read your wife’s blog, but it appears to have been infected with a virus that renders it as made up gibberish words.

  5. Only California or DC. You guys should have some events in Iowa. Then I’d go.

  6. I tried to read your wife’s blog, but it appears to have been infected with a virus that renders it as made up gibberish words.

    Keep scrolling down!

  7. Hmmm. How many guys go to expecting that other Emmanuelle.

  8. Pourquoi “24HeuresChrono” et non simplement le nom americain? Heuresment, un revelation: les BlogsFrancais sont comme le plupart des BlogsAnglais.

  9. I was fortunate enough to share some conversation and a couple of glasses of red with Emmanuelle last spring. She’s a delight. I’m trying really hard to work French Chick into this comment but coming up flat.

    Bad timing too, that night the kids have rehearsal for a play, a Christmas program, our babysitter moved to Idaho, and the LA Press Club is a couple hours each way.

    However, we’re trying to come up with a contingency plan so’s me and Mrs TWC can come say Bye!

  10. Every single person I have known who has moved to LA has moved back.

  11. Yet there are still 10 million who haven’t moved back. Go figure.

    BTW, the former editor of this fine mag moved back. TO LA! Ha! Yes, that’s right Virginia Postrel has moved back to LA and she loves it!

    I win.

  12. It’s far-fetched (especially considering McNasty’s fundraising woes),

    Wait a sec… then campaign finance reform is working. Maybe we are getting the money out of politics.

  13. ?a c’est votre femme?! Mon dieu! Quel nana! Une famille journaliste, et les deux sont assez photog?niques. ?a m’impressionne!

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