Sex Toys in the Public Interest


Alabama's sex toy ban--the most important issue of our time--is in peril once again. The Supreme Court rejected an attempt to overturn the law in October, following nine years of legal battles over Alabamans' right to buy vibrating silicone. Tireless sex toy defenders, spurned by the courts, are now trying to pass a bill that would revoke the ban:

It's the second attempt by state Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, to strike the 1998 prohibition on the sale of such devices.

"A shower head could be considered a sex toy," he said. "It's just bringing the state into the 20th century."

Dan Ireland, executive director of the Alabama Citizens' Action Program, a Baptist group, said it would oppose any effort to overturn the law.

"Laws are made to protect the public," he said. "Sometimes you have to protect the public against themselves."

Ireland said the ban is a "good law" that has bolstered public safety.

"Sexual matters are not to become a nuisance to people and the community," he said. "We have enough problems with sexual-oriented crimes without enticing or promoting it."

Googling "sex toy crime wave" I managed to find this story about Scottish yobs raiding something called the "the Naughty Vend Machine." So there must be something to the argument.

Meanwhile, Lorretta Nall has started a charity to benefit Attorney General Troy King:

Loretta Nall, the 2006 Libertarian gubernatorial nominee, recently began a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive in protest of the law, which she called a waste of time and an invasion of privacy.

Via the Bitch Girls.