Your Immigration Service


Here's an update on the good people keeping your border secure:

A top immigration official has apologized after awarding "most original costume" to a Homeland Security Department employee who dressed in prison stripes, dreadlocks and dark makeup for a Halloween gathering at the agency.

Julie Myers, assistant secretary overseeing Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, was part of a three-judge panel that lauded the costume, worn by a white employee, last Wednesday. She also posed for a photo with him.

Yes, an employee who dressed as a jailed black man was deemed to have the "most original costume" by an agency that is detaining record numbers of immigrants. Maybe next time someone will dress up as something really unique, like a sick baby left motherless after an immigration raid.

Myers has yet to be confirmed as ICE chief. (Queen?) Sen. Claire McCaskill has moved to block the confirmation until she finds out why the picture was discarded instead of plastered all over the Internet where it belongs.