30 Years Ago in Reason

November 1977


"It is some form of schizophrenia that KGB psychiatrists diagnose in dissidents, and, where Western psychiatrists seek funds to discover the genetic cause of this ghastly disease, their Soviet colleagues gleefully report 'the 65 percent improvement rate' produced by starvation treatment."
'"Antony Flew, "Mind Against Medicine"

"Moving toward a free society requires not only ideals, but new personalities and institutions to help promote the ideas. Deep in the heart of Texas is a young country doctor whose dedication to advancing the libertarian cause has been extraordinary."
'"The Editors, "Prescribing Freedom: Dr. Ron Paul"

"The long-awaited second volume of F.A. Hayek's Law, Legislation, and Liberty was delayed for an interesting reason. Instead of arguing that the notion of 'social justice' leads to a number of conceptual problems, Hayek has come to the conclusion that the concept itself is meaningless."
'"Douglas J. Den Uyl, "The Mirage of Social Justice"