Brigham Young Meets Dorothy Day


I don't think these folks will be endorsing Mitt Romney:

[T]he 29-year-old Salt Lake City stockbroker and several friends have just published the first edition of The Mormon Worker, a bimonthly newspaper devoted to "promoting Mormonism, anarchism and pacifism."

The editors, all active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will not criticize the LDS hierarchy or institution but plan to provide "radical religious commentary on current political and economic events."

…Though Mormons believe in obeying the law and respecting elected officials, they should see capitalism as a necessary evil rather than a system God endorses, [William Van Wagenen, the stockbroker,] writes. If they were really following LDS principles, Mormons would all be anarchists.

"Every Mormon should look forward to the abolition of government," Van Wagenen writes, "and the building of a socialist society based on free association and mutual cooperation."

The paper's website is here.

I was going to wrap this up by saying my favorite Mormon politician was J. Bracken Lee, an Old Right governor of Utah and mayor of Price who fused fiscal conservatism and opposition to internationalism with tolerance for gambling and prostitution. But then I double-checked his religious affiliation and was surprised to learn that, though he came from LDS stock, Lee himself was unchurched. So instead I give you a list of famous Mormon vampires.