South Park Open Thread


These threads have drawn mixed excitement in the past, but it's the start of a new season tonight, so have at it.

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  1. It’s the first post goddammit!

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd beeyatches! Ferth the berth in framth yert cumsicles.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Actually this is a continuation of the 11th season that started a last March-April. I don’t know why they do it that way, but they do.

  6. Screw you guys,
    I’m going home
    D= D=


  8. I really do have Tourette’s… unfortunately the non-verbal kind that isn’t near as fun.

    But I don’t sit around whining about it like those kids.

  9. …titty sprinkles…

  10. Not the best episode, not the worse. 7/10.

  11. Big nosed kike!

  12. 7.5/10

    There were a few really good bits sprinkled throughout, but most of the episode was average.

  13. 13th post!

  14. Who posted this? My guess is Davd Weigel (or whatever misspelling is popular this week).

  15. Great episode for…

    1) “You… you and your cousin touched wieners?” (with the added hilarity of Butters using the urinal), and

    2) Chris Hansen, especially bringing up true life with the guy shooting himself (with the added bonus of the air quotes when he said “commit suicide”)

    8/10. Worthy season premiere.

  16. You guys are missing Radley on Mythbusters (TLC) speaking in Pirate talk.

  17. i caught some of that. it was pretty funny.

    especially all the pedophile suicides.

  18. 7.75, solidly amusing if not spectacular.

    OT, attn Radley (or anyone, but it’s his alley): State representative in Ohio accidentally shows porn to school class.

    Bet he won’t face 40 years in prison.

  19. I haven’t seen the episode. Does it make fun of tourette’s itself. I’m curious, because I actually do have tourette’s, but it’s the “boring” kind as I don’t usually spoutn profanity involuntarily.

  20. I meant to say “Does it make funof Tourette’s itself?”

  21. “Does it make funof Tourette’s itself?”

    Tourette’s is the plot hook but it’s really just another entry in the “Cartman’s evil schemes” genre; there are plenty of jokes involving Tourette’s but no, people with the actual disease aren’t truly the butt of the jokes. I suppose those who are really sensitive about it might not see much distinction, but if you’re not offended by most South Park episodes this shouldn’t be an exception.

  22. I thought it was a middling episode (and wished they pissed on Hansen more…it’s hard to hate a guy who takes down pediophiles, but at the same time…what a douche) and I was suprised that they said “shit so much, espeically after the point they made with “…Hits the Fan”

  23. Do any of you know where I can see this episode on the internet now?

  24. there’s this bay, where pirates lurk. in sweden. investigate.

  25. ^im looking for a flash link. comcast fucks with my torrents

  26. I hear the South Park guys are libertarians. Maybe Reason could do an interview with them or something?

  27. ^ I hope you’re kidding… they already did an interview and they can’t help but mention it every other article. though they are getting better about that recently.

  28. Meh, a mostly middling outing: some ok bits, but not exactly a terrific lead off for new eps.

  29. Seer | October 3, 2007, 8:58pm | #

    It’s the first post goddammit!
    fuckyouunclefucker | October 3, 2007, 9:11pm | #

    macaca | October 3, 2007, 9:12pm | #

    3rd beeyatches! Ferth the berth in framth yert cumsicles.

    Big goddam deal. I made the top 50 w/o even trying!

  30. Daze-not only have they done interviews, Reason hosted Trey and Matt at a gathering in Amsterdam.

  31. Radley was on Mythbusters?

  32. The “300” parody set the bar so high for any future episodes, anything pales in comparison. I mean, I still have scar tissue from milk spurting through my nose when Mrs. Garrison screams “you kicked me in my pussy!”. That, and “SCISSOR ME TIMBERS!”


    has all the southpark episodes but sometimes they don’t work. they also have a bunch of adult swim and family guy and mythbusters and some other random stuff.

  34. for all your South Park torrents.

    Usually up the day after or even the night of.

    You’re welcome!

  35. I’m confused. Doesn’t Comedy Central bleep out “shit” on every other show? I started thinking that the show was some kind of meta-commentary in which they were trying to get away w. “shit” just like their character was. So what’s the story with CC and shit?

    I thought it was one of the better ones btw…

  36. I’m so glad that someone took on that asshole Chris Hanson. He’s the personification of think of the children culture.

    Being a lonley guy wanting to have sex with a 14 year old girl is not something somebody should be humiliated and have their life ruined over.

  37. So what’s the story with CC and shit?

    Haven’t seen the episode, but: OK between 10 pm and 6 am, esp. for cable channels? As I write this (2:48 p.m.) BBCA is airing Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares with shits intact but fucks bleeped out.

  38. Well technically south park airs so late that they don’t have to bleep jack-shit. They bleep because of syndication and fear of advertisers pulling out from the show. They did it previously in the show where they made fun of NYPD Blue saying “Shit” for the first time on television. This time it was uncensored because in the context of the show, the kids with tourettes weren’t cursing with malice so it was all right. That kid who kept saying how cool it would be if he could curse on national television is Craig. Earlier episodes he used to flip everyone off and everyone thinks he has tourettes because he says he can’t help it.

  39. anangbhai,

    The self-censorship is not mostly due to advertiser pressure, it’s all due to advertiser pressure. Cable TV is not constrained by FCC broadcast standards (yet).

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