30 Years Ago in Reason

October 1977


“Jeremy Rifkin’s People’s Business Commission invaded a National Academy of Sciences forum on recombinant DNA last March chanting, ‘We shall not be cloned.’?”
â€"Robert Poole Jr., “The Scientists’ Faustian Bargain”

“Some Washington wags call the neutron bomb ‘the Republican bomb’; it destroys people, not property.”
â€"Bill Birmingham, “Brickbats”

“It is unconscionably patronizing to say that the peoples of poor countries desperately want material progress but cannot achieve it without alms or gifts from us.”
â€"P.T. Bauer, “Foreign Aid Hasn’t Worked…and It Never Will”

“Demand is apparently unaffected by [energy] prices, but it is affected by taxes. Besides, with higher prices we would only get more energy, while with higher taxes we could get more government. This is a plan to solve the chronic shortage of government.”
â€"Alan Reynolds, “The War on Energy”