Underwear Inflames Connecticut's Aged


Via Jack Fowler, I see that I can safely return to my hometown of Stratford, Connecticut, without pants on:

The fashion police were sent packing Monday night in Stratford when the Town Council rejected a proposal to fine people who wear their pants so low they expose their underwear or buttocks.

The proposed ordinance by Town Council Minority Leader Alvin O'Neal, D-2, would have made it "unlawful for people to wear pants which fall below the buttocks to expose their undergarments," with a penalty of $250.

Council Majority Leader Michael Henrick, R-10, said while he favored the "spirit of what Mr. O'Neal is trying to accomplish, I don't believe we have the authority to impose such an ordinance.

But O'Neal said about 40 senior citizens in his district contacted him because they "are sick and tired of going to the supermarket, or walking down the street and seeing people's underwear and buttocks," O'Neal said.

Stratford's public schools double as carcinogenic asbestos dumping grounds, which may explain the Connecticut Post's editing job here.

Elsewhere in reason: Chuck Freund on the politics of pants.