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The will of the voter


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  1. Uhh… I don’t get it…

  2. I’m thinking along the lines of “Democracy doesn’t magically insure civil order.” But it is a tad obscure for the average newspaper reader who’s just flipping through trying to find the “real” funnies.

    “Oh, Garfield! OMG he’s eating lasagna! A CAT that EATS LASAGNA! Where do they come up with this stuff?!?”

  3. Ziggy goes to the repair shop and there’s a sign on the door, “Out Of Order”

  4. SugarFree – that is hilarious: My admin brings me a retarded Garfield cartoon everyday, and I have to read it in front of her and laugh and nod and say “Man, that’s funny stuff”. A half hour from now when she gets in, she’ll be printing it out and wandering over here. Thank God it’s Friday…

  5. Damn liberal media only prints the bad news!

    What about all the Iraqi governors who weren’t killed?

  6. Friday Funny

    Well, it’s half right.

  7. BTW, Chip Bok has been on a roll lately, you guys should stick with him.

  8. tk,

    You have my condolences.

    Anybody been keeping up with Sally Forth? Ted’s unemployment storyline took a dark turn when Sally obliquely threatened divorce.

  9. That’s about as funny as the Sunday version of Mark Trail.

    Where’s the purple finger?

  10. this is a great magazine and website, but i have never, ever seen a ‘friday funnies’ that was even remotely funny. i’ve only been coming here for about six months, though…

  11. It is sad to see a magazine that promotes liberty and democracy to constantly tell us that the people of Iraq do not deserve freedom or democracy. To be fair you did mention Kurdistan and thier success against Statist Terrorist Regimes. Let’s not forget that all throughout our own history that the US has been a violent struggle with those that want liberty and those that want the false safety of limmited statism. Please don’t forget that JFK, RFK, Lincoln, and many other people within the US have been killed because of thier political pollicies. If you think that the only place in which freedom should exist is the US, then it is a sad day for true Libertarianism.

  12. It is sad to see a magazine that promotes liberty and democracy to constantly tell us that the people of Iraq do not deserve freedom or democracy.

    Please provide some evidence to support this claim.

  13. What is the sense of that cartoon?
    What is the point it is trying prove or advocate?
    Hu, everyone dies sooner or later.
    I think the guy is just a medoicre asshole who thinks he is saying something important, but doesn’t know what.

  14. Which claim, that reason supports freedom or democracy, or that they constantly tell us that our effort in Iraq is not worth it? Sadly, the American revolution could not occur today, technology has enabled governments to prevent uprisings. When nations like Israel start to take out Hezbollah, what is it that stops them? It is not Hezbollah, the UN, or Lebanon but the United States foreign policy. I love Reason Magazine, but when it is so rare to find any optimism on Iraq, except for various articles on Kurdistan. Reason really needs to throw away the idea of Isolationism, a failed policy that allowed Corrupt Statism to rule Europe and much of the rest of the world. It is OK to criticize it, but don’t give up on the people that want to be free and do not have the means of making it happen themselves. While I think that we would make a lot of progress if we helped out Darfur, I think that the best we can do is show all statists of the world what happens when you support those who threaten the west. I am not saying that the west has done nothing wrong, but when you weigh our evil and thier evil, theirs will always outweigh ours. We have provided so many opertunities to the Iraqis that go unreported. Iraq and Afgahnistan will become better than they have been since being called by thier respective names. Comics like this are emotional and do not weigh a fact-based argument. This type of propaganda can be done by anyone. But when Western and Non-Western lives are on the line, it is a little protectionist and foolish to think that a withdrawl will not result in any more deaths.

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