Nanny State

Mr. Fancy Pants May Lose His Job


Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher reports that Roy Pearson, the D.C. administrative law judge who unsuccessfully sued his dry cleaners for $54 million over a misplaced pair of pants, may lose his job as a result of his bizarre legal obsession, which attracted nationwide anger and derision. The commission that is deciding whether to reappoint Pearson for another 10-year term apparently has concluded that "Pearson's extraordinary zeal in pursuing the case against the Chungs was so frivolous and embarrassing to the judicial system that it should be taken as evidence of his lack of judicial temperment." Fisher says the panel will soon send Pearson a letter to that effect. "As satisfying as it would be to see Pearson lose his post over his obsessive pursuit of the Chungs," he writes, "the downside for the owners of the dry cleaners is that with Pearson out of a job, their chances of ever recovering the court fees that Pearson has already been assessed and the attorney's fees that he may yet be ordered to pay would be severely diminished."

[Thanks to Jim Gannon for the tip.]