In Ur Office, Reading Ur Reezin


Boing Boing reports that bored interns over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) snuck into the office of EFF Privacy Lawyer Kevin Bankston and let loose some lolcats. It's not clear whether said cats dipped into Bankston's copy of the September reason.

Hat Tip: Gunnar Hellekson.

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  1. What is this doing here? Did someone steal Kerry’s password?

  2. I can has FISA cort rubberz stamp now?

  3. What has Ceiling Cat been watching in that office now?

  4. Can I get somebody to do this to my office? Or is this something that requires friends?

  5. Kevin’s cat recently ran away from home, prompting a discussion of whether it’s morally consistent for a privacy specialist to insert an RFID tag into his pets.

    Religious people are insane.

  6. That should read “August/September reason“.

    Which prompts me to ask, why are the August and September issues combined? Is it because of summer vacations in Congress? Interns going back to school? Why?

  7. If there was one thing that could makes this site better (other than troll poison*) it would be the ability to post lolcat macros.

    Troll Motel
    Trolls go in, they never come back…

  8. it’s because the month of my birth is so blindingly awesome that September is necessary to bind in its power.

  9. Randolph Carter,

    All the best people have summer birthdays, don’t you find?

  10. clearly. Hell, the month’s got the word “august” right in it. It is it. man.

  11. “All the best people have summer birthdays, don’t you find?”

    In the spirit of assholishly literalist Wednesdays, you really should say that all the best people had summer birthdays. All the rest are just the anniversaries of their respective birthdays.

  12. Lamar,

    Yes, that was assholish. But you are wrong after all: I re-enter the womb and emerge from my mother’s vagina every year. I just assumed everyone else did as well.

  13. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  14. SugarFree: what a coincidence! I re-enter and emerge from your mother’s vagina every year also! [rimshot][boos from the back]

  15. Settle down back there, it’s a joke…

  16. Well. It’s a tie between sugarfree and lamar.

  17. You’re welcome to her. There wasn’t much left after dad was through.

  18. This thread took a weird turn…

  19. “This thread took a weird turn…”

    Yes and it started out so promising with the random lolcats stuff and all.

  20. This thread took a weird turn…

    Indeed. As much as I hate to interrupt such a disturbing, incestuous turn of events, I had to respond to the comment that seemed to precipitate this whole downward spiral of nauseating one-upmanship.

    All the best people have summer birthdays, don’t you find?

    Clearly not. Many studies have found that seasonal time of birth is statistically correlated with intelligence and that people born in late winter are smartest. 🙂 This, combined with other recent studies, is what prompted Tyler Cowen to say

    The link is from BPS Digest, which also informs us that people born in late winter are smarter; I can only imagine how smart tall, left-handed people, born in late winter must be…

    Yes, I can assure him that all of us who hit the smarty-trifecta is jeenyuses! 🙂

    Oh, and at least one study which found reading and math scores highest for those born from February – April found them lowest among those born from September – December. I feel so sorry for all you autumnal dummies out there! ;)~

  21. AWWWWWW.

    The highest and best use of the Internet is to post cat pictures.

    Oh, and as someone born on July 11, I heartily that summer-borns are superior. Happy B-day to all of us!!

  22. Brian Courts,

    I said best people, not superior jerks…

    July 21st! Represent!

  23. That’s bullshit, I was born in December and my reading scores were through the roof (math, eh).

  24. not superior jerks…

    Lighten up SugarFree, the numerous smileys should have been a clue that I wasn’t serious.

  25. Oh, I was kidding too… I just don’t like emoticons. (I figured “Represent” would get my humorous intent across…)

    Anyway… shouldn’t “emoticons” really be mopey kids in gas station attendant shirts that turn into planes and cars and lawnmovers?

  26. Emocons – grow your bangs, dye your hair black, go to a Bright Eyes concert, institute a warrantless wiretapping program, and ironically invade a country on a flimsy pretext.

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