Attn, DC Reasonoids: Next Happy Hour, Tuesday, July 31, at 6.30PM; Now with More Special Guest Stars


Please join reason staffers Nick Gillespie, Jesse Walker, Radley Balko, Kerry Howley, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Michael Moynihan, and David Weigel on Tuesday, July 31, 2007, as we enjoy drink specials and the most pleasant July temperatures for Washington, DC in recent memory.

We'll be gathering on the 18th Street Lounge patio (1212 18th St. NW) to celebrate:

* The publication of our August/September issue, featuring a "cover strip" by "reason's resident 'cartoon journalist,'" Peter Bagge, whose strips for Reason were recently hailed by The Washington Post's Magazine Reader columnist Peter Carlson as "funny and smart."

* Yet another record-setting month at reason online, with over with over 2.6 million visits in June!

* The publication of the 21st Annual Privatization Report by the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes reason and reason online and produces cutting-edge libertarian policy analysis on education, transportation, and many other issues.

Special Guest Stars:

* Tyler Cowen, who was recently dubbed a "cult hero" economist by New York magazine, Cowen is proprietor of two blogs, the influential Marginal Revolution and the indispensable Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide, and author of the brand new book, Discover Your Inner Economist: Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, and Motivate Your Dentist;

* Pietro Paganini, the co-founder and partner at Competere, a transatlantic communications firm based in Milan, Rome and Washington, D.C.. Paganini is also the author of Innovation: from Theory to Territory: Paradigm and Strategies in the Information Society; and

* David Nott, the president of Reason Foundation.

The fun starts at 6.30 and ends whenever you say it does.

Free copies of the August/September issue and reason stickers, too.

The 18th Street Lounge is located at 1212 18th St., NW, near the intersection of Jefferson Pl., 18th St. and Connecticut Ave., NW.  Look for an unmarked door next to a mattress store. Walk on up and out to the back patio.

If you would like to be added to reason's DC evite list for happy hours, please send an email to

Come to "Reason in DC," an October 26-27 conference featuring Fox News Channel's Andrew Napolitano, MTV's Kurt Loder, Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters, and your favorite reason staffers. Details here.

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  1. Not having better threads to post this on, I’m still looking for Hit ‘n Runners for a St Louis meet up. If you’re a midwesterner, and are interested, click my name and send me your email. I’ll add you to the list. When I get a quorum I’ll send out an invite.

  2. The commute from Los Angeles would be hellish, but the event sounds like a heap o’ steamin’ fun!

    Where can we get reason stickers, if not at an event?

  3. * Yet another record-setting month at Reason Online, with over with over 2.6 million visits in June!

    Yea, rub it in why don’t ya? I have barely posted since 1 June!

  4. When are you coming to Los Angeles?
    Ever think of doing a cam for the happy hour?

  5. Um, for that “Reason in DC” event, do you have a military contractor discount?

  6. “Yet another record-setting month at reason online, with over with over 2.6 million visits in June!”

    2.6 million visits, 23 visitors…

  7. Wow, with two colon: subtitles in his book, Pietro Paganini is twice as academical!

  8. Yet another record-setting month at reason online, with over with over 2.6 million visits in June!

    Yes, but linking from Pornstar Finder is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think?

  9. In other news, that ‘Scott Thomas’ guy writing for TNR has revealed his true identity, maybe.

    Odd thing, he does not have an AKO account, at least no “Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp” does. Might not mean anything as I am not sure if new troops are issued an account automatically or if they have to sign up like I did a few years ago.

  10. Correction:

    The guy does come up on AKO as a PV2 with a e-mail address.

  11. Tyler’s ethnic dining site is great.

    Coincidentally, I asked the same question of an Indian friend that he did about the chinese food at Minerva and I got the same answer. Great minds etcetera..

  12. When are you coming to Communist Massachusetts and can I attend?

    “There’s no need to fear; Underzog is here!”

    Proposed Amendment to ban Islam

  13. There was a really good Malaysian restaurant that I ate at back in 2002. Can’t remember the name or where it was, exactly, except that it was in D.C.

  14. I’d fly back to DC for the blow out, but it’s my son’s birthday on the 31st.


  15. Are there ever Reason happy hours in LA? (especially considering that the Reason offices are in LA…)

  16. How about Elspeth Reeve as a bonus guest? She is pretty cute and might need some cheering up.

  17. I can’t make it up to DC, but I’m crazy looking forward to Dragon*Con this year. Does Peter Bagge have any rules about signing boobs?

  18. Prolib,

    Was it called something like “Kopitiam”

  19. mk,

    Can’t remember. It was good, anyway.

  20. Kewl–will be there with bells on!

  21. Hopefully I will get out of the office early enough tonight to attend. Missed the last one 🙁

  22. I just read the review of this bar. Sorry, can’t bring the Major Awards that I planned because of that door policy. Will have to figure out an alternative before next time.

  23. Goovy party baby! Hope you all got home safe!

  24. Other than Pietro mackin’ on my gf, it
    was ab fab!

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