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Bummer in the summer


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  1. Lord knows I’m the last one to defend the Great Mesopotamian adventure, but when you’re trying to get two factions that are engaged in a low-grade civil war to work out a political compromise, instead of descending into further violence, sticking them in a room in 110 degrees doesn’t sound like the best idea.

  2. We’ve spent how much money over there? How difficult would it be to install AC in the damn building?

  3. “sticking them in a room in 110 degrees doesn’t sound like the best idea.”

    Take away the puppy.

  4. There is no civil war over here! The media is covering up the Iranians and the Syrians involvement. We get hit all of the time at my camp by Iranian made mortars and rockets. Let’s not mistake this whole idea that Al Quida in Iraq’s top operative has told US Army intel that they imported people and changed their names to put an Iraqi face on Al Quida. Let’s also not forget that it is about to be Ramadan. There are going to be all kinds of attacks in August because the extream muslims believe that if you kill yourself durring this month, that you will be rewarded. If we are going to critisize this war let’s critisize the attempt to fight it in a politically correct fashon, it is a war! Ben Rushing in Baghdad.

  5. This looks like an up date & revision of the old one from British India- in 2007 Iraq it’s-only mad dogs & Americans go out in the noon day sun. In British India-it was- only mad dogs & Englishmen go out in the noon day sun.

  6. That guy on the right has moobage of near-Lobster Girl proportions.

  7. The Iraqis will never solve their political problems as long as we have American troops there. Bring them home now. The Iraqis will either tire of killing fellow Muslims or kill each other off. Their lack of action is unworhty of the loss of any more American lives.

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