Nanny State

CA Legislature Makes Waves, Again


Wave pools draw the attention of the California legislature after what appears to be a tragic accident:

Less than a week after the drowning of a 4-year-old boy in Great America's wave pool, a San Jose legislator said Tuesday that she would introduce a bill aimed at making wave pools safer, including rules requiring life vests and setting requirements for the number of lifeguards on hand….

Alquist commended Great America's new requirements but said more regulation is needed. California laws about wave pools are "weak and almost non-existent" because there are so few and they are so general, [Democratic state Sen. Elaine] Alquist said….

No serious injuries at either Great America or Raging Waters have been reported so far this year, California Division of Occupational Safety and Health spokeswoman Kate McGuire said. Carlos' drowning is the first death in a wave pool reported this year in the state.

The California legislature seems determined to take the phrase "nanny state" as literally as possible–this discussion follows on debates about spanking and smoking near kids. Meanwhile, desperate to capture some of the unlitigated, unlegislated childhoods, American parents rocket The Dangerous Book for Boys to Number 5 on's bestseller list.