Film Critic Is Sick of Zis Damn Var


Hizzoner Ed Koch, a vocal Democratic proponent of invading Iraq, asks "How are we doin'?" and now wants to pull the plug now:

The American people no longer support our presence in Iraq. They made that clear in the 2006 Congressional election when the majority in both Houses of Congress shifted to the Democrats. My own position has been that we were better off fighting Islamic terrorism in Iraq than abandoning and having that battle shift to American soil which I am certain will happen when we depart Iraq. But my support for remaining in Iraq was conditioned on our allies joining us in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sadly, very few have done so. Instead, many of those same allies criticize us for staying in Iraq.

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Koch, who improbably reviews movies for The Villager, a small New York City paper, also wants to pull the plug on John Cusack:

I went to see this film [1408], notwithstanding its generally poor reviews, because I enjoy watching the lead actor, John Cusack, on screen. Every actor is usually credited with some bad performances during their career and, unfortunately, this is such a performance. In this movie, Cusack is truly a Johnny One Note in terms of conveying emotion, and the script, based on a Stephen King short story, is seriously inadequate. It may be that the novella, which I did not read, was deficient, but that's hard to believe since King is such a talented writer with endless successes. Nevertheless, he too may have had a poor writing period.

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