Waltz of the Porkers


China has introduced mandatory dance instruction to combat rising child obesity, a problem arguably attributable to coercive fertility policies. But attempts to slim down China's children by way of ballroom dance are offending conservative parents:

China is changing the way it runs compulsory dance classes, introduced to tackle child obesity, because parents fear their children may fall in love.

The State General Administration of Sports says changes had been agreed to calm fears of parents who hold traditional values.

Administration official Yin Guochen told the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post: "The [children] don't have to dance with specific partners, which will be more easily accepted by both students and their parents.

"Four students will be grouped together to perform the waltz and they will change partners regularly as soon as one song finishes. This way, the risk of young love will be lowered."

Surely the best way to keep kids abstinent is to leave obesity unchecked? It seems to be working stateside.

Via Rational Review.