Gillespie on Fox News' Red Eye Vid Here


Go to Reason's YouTube page to check out Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie's July 13 appearance on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfled. Among the topics discussed were a Nobel Peace Prize winner's desire to kill George W. Bush, why men drive with one hand and women with two, the adoption of head cams by British bobbies, and the war on obesity.

The first segment (9 minutes) is here:

The second (3 minutes) is here:

The third (4 minutes) is here:

More Reason video here.

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  1. Nick use to show up on Denis Miller’s show from time to time. I remember thinking “it’s nice he’s on television, but he should be able to do better”. Guess not.

  2. Why on earth would Gillespie want to appear–much less advertize appearing–on such a low-life garabge show?

  3. That’s some hard-hitting journamalism right there.

    Did Fox get jealous of CNN’s ratings during the Paris-a-thon?

  4. One of the surreal aspects of reading the Hit and Run blog comments is that FOX News gets so much abuse from the commenters, and yet it seems that of all the big news outfits, FOX is the one which gives the most exposure to libertarians.

  5. FOX is the one which gives the most exposure to libertarians.

    No, I think between Ron Paul interviews and South Park it is Comedy Central, actually.

    Interesting when you think about it.


  6. All these YouTube inserts are choking my browser.

  7. Mmm, Nick was especially cute in that last segment. He actually looked a bit bashful at one point. What a little pookie he is!

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