Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld Tonight, 2AM ET


I'll be on Fox News Channel's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tonight. The program airs at 2AM ET and the topics to be discussed include presidential hopeful and former fattie Gov. Mike Huckabee's ideological bodyslam of Michael Moore; Miss New Jersey's revulsion of pictures of her as a drunk; and much, much more that defines must-see TV for insomniacs.

More here.

Reason YouTube page, chock full of recent staff TV appearances, here.

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  1. Sounds like a sure-fire cure for insomnia to me. Thanks.

  2. Edward you sound like a douchebag to me. Thanks.

  3. This thread sounds like a one note song. Thanks

  4. Thta’s very harsh, Doug.

  5. It’s too bad they don’t let you sit at the table with the host because that middle guy who looks like Jimmy McNulty’s retarded little brother is in serious need of a cockpunch.

  6. Thta: it’s harsher than you’d expect!

  7. Red eye is only good when you’re stoned. Which makes the title a bit ambiguous.

  8. I have now watched some of Red Eye. Why would anyone stay up that late to be on — let alone watch — that show is beyond me.

  9. Nick,
    Are you going to wear your black leather jacket of freedom on the show?
    If so, I will watch.

  10. Edward:
    No, not harsh enough.
    you are supreme in the douchebaggery dept.

  11. Garth,
    They don’t tape live, hence no staying up late for the guests. The show isn’t great, I’ll admit, but it’s watchable at 2 am, when the only competition is the “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” infomercial starring author and convicted felon Kevin Trudeau.

  12. Nice to see a reference to “The Wire” on this thread, even if it is next to someone getting a “cockpunch”.

  13. I think we should all go easy on Edward. It’s obvious that he’s new to the Internet, and has at least a week to curdle into a healthy cynicism like the rest of us.

  14. nick, this is not a good show. go on better things. libertarianisms needs to associate itself with better pop culture (parker/stone/southpark excluded due to being awesome)

  15. God this show sucks. I can’t bear to watch it, so I can only imagine your grief at discomfort at being a guest on the damn thing.

  16. That should be “grief and discomfort”. Kudos to you nonetheless.

  17. libertarianisms needs to associate itself with better pop culture (parker/stone/southpark excluded due to being awesome)

    Appearances on the show give Reason and libertarianism greater exposure, especially since Fox does not seem to object to their airing on YouTube, where they may be seen by millions (theoretically).

  18. appearances on this show are good for reason and their writers.

    watching the show is another story entirely. how do guests resist just slapping everyone?

  19. I’m watching this unwatchable show now. I’m embarrassed that you had to appear on it.

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