"Like bodybuilders, the environmentalists were thought of as kind of weird fanatics also. You know…serious tree huggers. Environmentalists were no fun. They were like prohibitionists at the fraternity party."
'"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, speaking at Georgetown University, April 11

"We will attack the Playboy office and sweep up copies of the magazine, which will destroy the morals of Indonesian children."
'"Irwan Asidi, leader of the Islamic Defenders Front, on a court decision allowing continued publication of Indonesian Playboy, quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald, April 5

"For 40 years, I taught legal and constitutional history. I'm glad I'm no longer teaching. If I had to give one of those lectures today, I'd have to tell my students, 'This is all now bullshit.'?"
'"legal historian Stanley I. Kutler on the controversial firing of eight U.S. attorneys, quoted in The New York Observer, April 2

"The zoo must kill the bear. Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate, but a gross violation of animal protection laws."
'"German animal rights activist Frank Albrecht, discussing the fate of Knut, an abandoned polar bear cub being raised by staff at the Berlin Zoo, quoted in Bild, March 20