25 Years Ago in Reason

July 1982


“The leaders of Kampuchea [the official name of Communist Cambodia] seemed to take revolutionary pride in the fact that everyone in the new Cambodia was at last equally poor.”
â€"Thomas M. Magstadt, “The Great Leap Downward”

“Every facet of cableâ€"who provides it, who gets it, what you see, and what you payâ€"is the prize in a frantic scramble by big-time political interests in every city hall in America.”
â€"Tom Hazlett, “The Viewer Is the Loser!”

“The federal government has determined that anybody has the ability to pump gas. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is lifting its 11-year ban on nozzle latches, the devices that allow motorists to do whatever they want with their hands while gas flows, unassisted, into tanks.”
â€"Mark Edward Crane, “Look Ma! No Hands!”

“The issue of comparable worth…marks a stage beyond which there are no fundamentally new worlds left to conquer. For comparable worth is more than an intervention in the free marketâ€"it is a denial of the possibility of a free market.”
â€"Peter Schwartz, “Women’s Worth”