Fox Rejects Humanoid Pig Condoms


A Trojan condom ad has been rejected by Fox and CBS, presumably because of its inappropriate focus on sex. The ad depicts men as humanoid pigs trying to chat up a woman in a bar. One pig gets wise, goes to the bathroom to get a Trojan and returns as a young hunk ready for action. Fox and CBS haven't said why exactly the ad is a no-go, but, The New York Times speculates:

Both had accepted Trojan's previous campaign, which urged condom use because of the possibility that a partner might be H.I.V.-positive, perhaps unknowingly. A 2001 report about condom advertising by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found that, "Some networks draw a strong line between messages about disease prevention - which may be allowed - and those about pregnancy prevention, which may be considered controversial for religious and moral reasons."