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In the American Conservative, David Weigel asks whether online/MySpace/YouTube success can translate into votes, or whether the second-tier GOP candidates will be run over by Fred Thompson.

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  1. Dave Weigel writing for American Conservative? The Weigal-filter folks have to be going apoplectic right now!

  2. Fred Thompson should have stayed out of the race for another 6 months. Now, he is going to be asked the hard questions and will have to set himself apart from “America’s Mayor” and “The Man in the Box”. But at least he will look good on TV.

  3. Noticed Ron Paul had 78% of the first place votes in the straw poll attached to this article. No doubt that will translate into real world support, yeah? 😉

    Oh, and 2% of the respondents, when asked to rate their conservativeness from 1 to 10, checked the box “lefty troll”. Hi, Dan T., and all the fine global warming zealots populating yesterday’s Al Gore article!

  4. “The conservative blogosphere rushed to Thompson like ugly stepsisters trying on the glass slipper.”
    Master grade mr Weigal!

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