Metaphors Dept.


A man who obsessively disinfected his home has died of excessive exposure to disinfectant. There's a moral in there somewhere.

[Via Fortean Times.]

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  1. But he no doubt would have otherwise died of bird flu years ago.

  2. But did he get rid of all the aphids ?

    (A Scanner Darkly, first few paragraphs)

  3. There’s probably a frivolous lawsuit in there too.

  4. Clearly care in the community failed him, as his sister, who wouldn’t visit him because the air in his apartment was stifling, points out.

  5. isn’t anyone going to mention the large bald man who seen sneaking around this guys house?…a cleaning products conspiracy in the making…

  6. If only House had been on hand to deal with this situation.

  7. Someone’s shilling for Big Germs, I just know it.

  8. Hey, at least he was sterile.

  9. Metaphors Dept.

    Metaphor? What is this suppose to be a metaphor of? Isn’t this a case of actual irony? Unlike 99% of the time irony is invoked.

    So if this is one of the rare cases best describe as irony, described as metaphor, then does that make it sarcasm?

  10. It’s ironic and metaphorical. Now go worry about something else.

  11. It definitely wasn’t lupus.

  12. Darned terrorists in our disinfectant!

  13. I suppose this means that, under the Precautionary Principle, we should be outlawing household disinfectants.

  14. Look, R C, if it saves just one life, that’s what matters! OK, so it might claim a bunch of other lives, but it will save just one life!

  15. I think we should institute an all out effort to ban assault cleaners, which as we all know have that longer trigger to allow for faster discharge, and that little square thing which allows for much more precise squirt placement. Can you imagine if these were in the hands of anyone but highly trained law enforcement individuals? Oh, the humanity, the horror, the children for god’s sake!!

    Ok, shutting up now.

  16. It’s like rain on your wedding day!

  17. Definetely need a ban on all household cleaners immediately before it becomes another meth epidemic.

  18. Don’t be ridiculous. We don’t need a ban. Just require all Dettol sellers to check purchaser’s ID and prevent them from purchasing more than two 16oz bottles a week. Simple.

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