But If We Don't Make You Wait, How Will We Charge You for Waiting?


Take a moment and acquaint yourself with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, the agency that may soon be documenting millions of undocumented immigrants:

Last June, U.S. immigration officials were presented a plan that supporters said could help slash waiting times for green cards from nearly three years to three months and save 1 million applicants more than a third of the 45 hours they could expect to spend in government lines.

It would also save about $350 million.

The response? No thanks.

Leaders of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services rejected key changes because ending huge immigration backlogs nationwide would rob the agency of application and renewal fees that cover 20 percent of its $1.8 billion budget, according to the plan's author, agency ombudsman Prakash Khatri.

Forty-five hours. Maybe the soon-to-be-legal immigrants can hire some post-amnesty illegals to wait in line for them.  

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