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At the website Jewcy, Nick Gillespie and ex-reasonoid Tim Cavanaugh riff on the blogoshpere.

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  1. OK, Nick, this is where you’re coming from: McHale’s Navy, si, Mr. Magoo, no. Why not just wear a sign around your neck saying “I am TOTALLY fucked up”?

  2. Anyone who doesn’t have to Google “Toni Basil” to spell her name right is going places.

  3. Is Nick going to make a fake MySpace page for Tim? Is Tim going to steal Nick’s Sidekick and post all his emails online? Seventh grade just never ends for some folks.

  4. Shouldn’t the three of us get a free copy of Brian’s book just for showing up on the third day of this steel cage death match? Or at least a bottle of absinthe?

  5. Just two old teenagers doing a “willie contest” in their Kindergarten world of anti-conformist conformism.


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