Live from New York: It's Kerry Howley!


Associate Editor Kerry Howley is lacing up her pundit sneakers for another stint on Red Eye. At 2 a.m. ET. (check the Red Eye site for your local time) you can tune into Fox News and see Howley discuss Fred Thompson's acting career, Jose Padilla's job application, and much more.

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  1. Kerry’s awesome-but not awesome enough to save that steaming pile I fondly refer to as “Red Eye.” Seriously, have you tried to watch that shite? It’s like 98% crap and 2% Howley. Give me 98% Howley and I would be on it. But right now, I’m getting gypped. My momma ain’t raise no suckas.

  2. I’m embarrassed to be up watching it right now. Kerry is awesome though — she knew the details of the War Against Strippers story (explosives in the house?) better than anyone else.

    Until I saw those photos from last weeks panel, I always thought Kerry was blond. Go figure.

  3. What’s an associate editor? Please clarify the rank structure at Reason. I am easily impressed, but don’t know yet by what.

    For all I know, associate editors could be like banks, and mean newly-hired.

  4. ACK! Again, I was actually asleep at 0200, but woke up for the last 2 min. of a 1/2 Hour News Hour rerun (I think). This is getting annoying.

  5. Ms Howley is the only reason I will ever watch Fox, especially that wretched show.

  6. Watch out, Reason. It looks like Ms Howley has caught the eye of the Fox News folks.

  7. For complex reasons, ever since this weekend I have been on my best behavior with regard to any comments concerning Kerry Howleys “howtness.” However, I have to momentarily fall off the wagon and note that I found the sentence beginning “Associate Editor Kerry Howley is lacing up her …” rather exciting until it came to the “… pundit sneakers” part.

    BTW, for those of you like me who tend to either be asleep or working when RedEye airs, it looks like Reason posts the relevant Kerry Howley clips within a few days at She doesn’t exactly get a lot of air time, but she conducts herself well. Wish she got more time to talk about substantial stuff at greater length. Kind of like Nick Gillespie does, when he isn’t being screamed at by what’s-his-face.

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