Hirsute Germans Refuse to Give Back


Germany declines to participate in a promising hair redistribution scheme:

Bald men in Germany have no right to state-funded wigs, according to a new court ruling.

A court in the southwestern state of Rhineland-Palatinate rejected an appeal by a man to have the costs of his hairpiece paid for by a statutory health insurer, saying the problem was not unusual enough among men to justify his claim.

The man had based his appeal on the grounds he had been bald since childhood, but the insurer told him it only provided "long-term hair replacement support" for women and minors.

"The hair's protective function against the sun and the cold can easily be replaced by a hat," the social court said in a statement.

Via Rational Review.  

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  1. “. . . the insurer told him it only provided ‘long-term hair replacement support’ for women and minors.”

    Das is der sexism! Dey vould giv der vig to Zinead O’Connor, but not to der herren. Zis time zey go too var! But neffer mind, I am lookink more sexy ven I am bald zen Jean-Luc Picard!

  2. I google image search “Hirsute German” so you don’t have to.

  3. Und who looks more menacing in der Nazi uniform und mit der monocle in eye? Fabio? Nein! Ein bald guy looks much zcarier.

  4. “The hair’s protective function against the sun and the cold can easily be replaced by a hat.”

    Right. Pickelhauben have been supplied by the government to bald and balding men since the time of Bismarck and have played a central role in Germany’s program of social welfare. Clearly, supplying wigs as well as Pickelhauben would be redundant and wasteful.

  5. highnumber,

    Mein Gott! Das ist Chewbacca der Deutscher Wookie!

  6. Germany has no interest in hair because, as you would know if you follow the fascinating “World-Body” link to the right, Germany is the world’s large intestine. Or perhaps its stomach. Well, it’s something just south of the gallbladder, that’s for sure. Wait, I see it’s also a bit to the left of the heart. Now I’m really confused. Ah, and the spine runs down the Andes.

    Seriously, what does an ad on Reason cost, and how did those nutjobs come up with any money? If you don’t check it out, you’re missing some serious entertainment.

  7. FYI, you won’t get anything worthwhile from “Nazi Fabio.”

  8. Seriously, what does an ad on Reason cost, and how did those nutjobs come up with any money?

    Three words: Carpet. Humping. Guy.

  9. That’s a myth. There was never such a person.

  10. They big question is – will they pay for his hats?

  11. Three words: Carpet. Humping. Guy.

    No the real question is: Is that guy in the upper left corner of the “RE-FOUNDING AMERICA” ad Tomas Jefferson? And why the hell are they taking pictures of him? If you got a time machine do something constructive like kill Hitler or something…jez

  12. Regarding the World Body nonsense, despite the tortured English, they appear to be operated by White Diamond Enterprises out of Pound Ridge, NY.

  13. Ha! And it is registered to Karin Kaufman.

    That’s hilarious!

  14. Clarification: The website for the World Body ad on the right is registered to Karin Kaufman in Pound Ridge, NY.

  15. “On Karin Kaufman’s http://world-body.org/ site, you’ll find a red hyperlink to a bizzare statement that is actually a call for help as best Karin can elucidate it. Entering the site, pull up the Nursery, and you will find awards to her cats for sending secret codes to Dick Cheney that helped destroy terrorist drug cartel sites. Etcetera.”

    Good to know that Reason has such high-quality advertisers.

  16. That’s really messed up, Rimfax. Sad.

  17. Joshua,

    The guy in the corner of the ISIL conference ad is historical re-enactor/impersonator who plays Thomas Jefferson in ISIL ads, and who will address the conference.

    Tom Knapp

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