Attn, DC Reasonoids: Kerry Howley Debates Organ Markets, Tonight, May 9


On Wednesday, May 9, at 6:30PM, Reason's Kerry Howley will be participating in a debate about organ markets. The event is sponsored by America's Future Foundation, profiled today in The Washington Times. Details below:

Organ Markets: Ethical Dilemma Or Obvious Solution?

On Wednesday, May 9, AFF will host a roundtable on the ethics of organ sales. Over 70,000 Americans are waiting for a kidney and the list is growing every day. The 1984 National Organ Transplantation Act made it illegal to sell or acquire an organ for money, and created the often dreaded "national waiting list."

Donation solely by altruism is not working for most patients. Is organ donation simply a supply and demand problem that can be solved by introducing market incentives? Or is allowing financial gain for body parts a violation of basic human dignity? Is America ready to move to a free-market organ allocation process? Should we look to the European "presumed consent model" where all citizens are considered a donor unless they opt-out? Or is the answer to look at other non-monetary incentives?

Joining us to discuss these issues are Dr. Sally Satel of the American Enterprise Institute, Kerry Howley of Reason Magazine, Dr. Sam Crowe of the President's Council on Bioethics, and Michael Fragoso of the Family Research Council. Christie Raniszewski Herrera of the American Legislative Exchange Council will moderate.

The event will take place at the Fund for American Studies, 1706 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, near Dupont Circle. Drinks at 6:30; Roundtable begins at 7:00. Roundtables are free for members, $5 for non-members. So join today! Please RSVP to Kathleen O'Hearn at

Howley on markets for human tissue and more here and here.